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These screen captures surely entice! I'm wholly unfamiliar with Thompson (looking on imdb, I know I've heard of at least one or two of the films he's worked on, but I'm pretty sure I've seen none of them). How did you get a chance to see this? It looks like just the kind of thing I should see.


Sorry for the tardy reply, Brian. I took a week to visit with family back home.

I caught this on good ol' TCM back in January, I believe. I'm happy you like the caps but they're truly just the tip of what Thompson accomplishes in his fifteen minutes. I'm rather surprised that his movies aren't part of the Unseen Cinema collection. Perhaps they are and I'm just unaware of it, but I don't remember them. He had a long career as a filmmaker mostly creating documentaries. According to the intro on TCM his most famous is To Be Alive (1964) a co-production with Alexander Hammid for Johnson Wax Co. created for the New York World's Fair. Like you I was totally unaware of Thompson before this short. And I found little about this intriguing filmmaker available in the usual places, so I'm actually in the middle of researching and writing up a bio of Thompson that I'll either add to this post or submit somewhere more permanent (imdb, Wiki, or maybe Senses of Cinema will be interested?). I'm also hunting for more of his pictures. If you find out where any are playing, broadcast, digital, or dvd please drop me a line. Knowing your tastes, Brian, you'd probably rather wait to see N.Y., N.Y. someday in a theater but you can see it online at UbuWeb. When you do see it please share your thoughts on it.

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