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Pacze Moj


I think you should write in noir style more often. Heck, I think you should write a noir!

Jacqueline T Lynch

"I'll skip the minor details and simply write that we indeed met and repaired to the tavern I'd picked out. I sat with my back to the wall as planned. We both ordered something strong, quaffed it back, and settled into our chairs a bit. There we were. Eye to eye. A moment passed. Two.

Then it happened. One of us said, "so, what did you think of the movie?"

This is just swell. How I wish I could have been the dame sipping the highball at the bar, who invites herself to your table, moving in on you two lugs like trouble in a red dress.

"So what did you think of the movie?" has got to be the most provocative beginning to a conversation, and a relationship. Well, perhaps only to a film buff.


Pacze - Thanks for the compliment and the huge vote of confidence. Sometimes I do feel a noir churning around inside. Perhaps it's time I heed your advice (and that of some others) and finally let it out. Thanks again.

Jacqueline - You mean that wasn't you with the dangerous lips and shadowy eyes slinking into the flickering pool of candlelight surrounding our table and asking for a light in a voice so husky it could pull a sled?

I'm glad both of you enjoyed the fictionalized account of our meeting originally titled "When Bloggers Meet on Raymond Chandler Street."

Jacqueline T Lynch

A voice so husky it could pull a sled? I love that. Actually, honesty compells me to admit it probably wouldn't be a highball, it would be more like just gingerale. And I probably wouldn't be "trouble" in a red dress so much as a minor inconvenience, but that's not very noir-ish. I'd try to be as dangerous as possible, though, for appearances sake.


Hey Thom!

I'm so glad to hear of two mutual friends, who I have never met in person, meet each other in person! :) You and Brian are both fantastic writers and fantastic people! Isn't cinema a beautiful thing?


Thom, I really enjoyed meeting you "irl" the other night, and hope we can reprise one of these days. And this account of the event is just terrific...

I don't know if you went to the Varda film. I tried but failed to get in- the last ticket sold was three people in line ahead of me. Luckily it's coming to Frisco Bay in a couple of months.


Jacqueline - I wish I could lay claim to that line. I picked it up somewhere (a movie seems likely). Speaking of choice lines..."she was a minor inconvenience in a red dress" doesn't have quite the same poetic ring for a noir, does it? But it's very funny.

J - We reserved a spot for you at the table too -- just in case you strolled through the door wearing a beret and a long cashmere scarf carrying a camera and a valise filled with glassywing butterflies!

Brian - We'll definitely have to do it again sometime, pal. Maybe next PIFF if not beforehand. btw, this post was inspired by our discussion about writing fiction on the blogs. I missed the Varda picture too so I made up for it by finally viewing La Pointe Courte (1954) at home earlier this week. In it she displays a remarkable facility for recognizing beauty in everyday life and framing it to enhance its effect on the viewer. Have you seen it?


Not yet. It's playing March 6 and April 4 in Berkeley as part of the Varda retro there.


Miss you Thom!

Hence, you're it for some meme-age.



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