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Jacqueline T Lynch

Sorry about the wretched weather inferring with your holidays, but glad to see you've kept up your spirits, as well as your fitness level. I hope you did not have to resort to boiling your shoes for food as Charlie Chaplin did in the Yukon.

If I ever go to the Yukon, I'm going to bring lots of pairs of shoes in case my food runs out.

Glad to have you back in the neighborhood.


Thanks Jacqueline. Happy New Year to you. Y'know I always thought the shoelaces looked a bit appetizing in The Gold Rush (1925). I'll bring along plenty of those on the Yukon excursion to accompany your supply of shoes. Who knows, maybe with a nice basil marinara and a good Chianti they wouldn't be half bad?


Happy New Year, Thom! I'm glad that you are okay now, and it sounds like you have a very hearty, optimistic attitude in the face of difficulty. I'm impressed!

May you have many beautiful discoveries, surprises, and memories in & out of cinema in 2009 (& 1953)! :)



Hi J! Ah, that sort stuff just builds character, you know?

Thank you for the warm thoughts for the coming twelvemonth. You've got me looking forward to it more than I expected. Best wishes for a great big beautiful, wonderful, incredible, super, spectacular New Year to you too my friend.

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