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Jacqueline T Lynch

I absolutely love this.


Thanks very much, Jacqueline. I was inspired by the blog-a-thon topic and Joe Gillis' (William Holden) cynical narration in the film, and took the opportunity to indulge in some creative writing. Good fun.


Thom, your writing so authentically describes Sunset Boulevard, that at first I thought that you excerpted the screenplay! (Is this what people mean when they use the term, "meta, dude!")? Very brilliant and stunning writing! Do you have a screenplay in the works that you have not mentioned? :)


You flatter me, J. Thank you. This post was an experiment, a change of pace, and a lot of fun. I like to think of different styles of writing as islands in the same ocean. I wasn't exactly planning to navigate to this one, but I enjoyed the visit, despite the bleak view, and hope to return again. And though I don't have a screenplay in the works, you'll be the first to know if I ever take up the challenge. Who else would I trust to film it? ;D


Well, Raymond Chandler would be proud!

Okay, I'll do your close-ups for you, but you have to do the long-shots! :) Very beautiful writing, T.!


This is beyond cool. You managed to do a really good assessment of the film without breaking character, to the point where I think this is exactly how Joe Gillis would describe the movie he's in. Thanks for including it in my little 'thon, Thom.


I'm glad you like it, Mike. You've described exactly what I was striving for in the post. If the piece works I think you should share some of the credit because I wouldn't even have tried to get to know Joe and Norma as intimately without the blog-a-thon idea urging me to do so. Thank you for hosting it. With all of the good wishes pouring in I'm beginning to think that writing a longer piece in the same style but with original characters might be fun too.

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