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Pierre Fournier

Woah! Great entry, Thom. Thanks for this, and I'll be following your trail to those 5 other blogs.



Happy your happy with it, Pierre. It was good fun. After finishing the interview I'm craving some vintage Eastwood. Where did I leave The Beguiled DVD. . .


"Reading" Playboy for the "interviews," okay, whatever you say. :)

That excerpt is so surreal, it's beautiful!


--"'Reading'" Playboy for the 'interviews,' okay, whatever you say. :)"

Yeah, I'm beginning to think I was ripped off. I mean, I checked every page of the book, and nothing but interviews! :D

As for the meme, "surreal" is the way to put it. It's like overhearing the middle of a conversation without any context whatsoever. I'm thinking of doing it again, at random pages, just to see what other interesting non sequiturs appear.

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