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And right before breakfast! :) This is a very interesting and essential question you ask about images that are not inherently beautiful. While close-ups that inspire revulsion are not my cup of tea, this example from Battleship Potemkin is devastating and opens us up to compassion. By the way, I really like how you expressed that the poetic universe must also have a dark side. Oh, it does . . .

Eisenstein would be so proud of our close-up blog-a-thon! Very awesome, T!


Hey, thanks J. I hope the post didn't ruin your appetite :P I really appreciate your ideas about how close-up works through our perception and this gave me an opportunity to explore the possibilities (and limitations?) a little bit.

I also like your ominous way of confiming a dark side of the poetic universe. That cracks me up. Halloween brings out the fun and creepy side in all of us :)


Just imagine me confirming the dark side of the poetic universe in person as I begin to laugh! :) There is a lot of annoyance with the poetic universe sometimes!

I'm glad that you noticed something missing in my close-up discussion and that you could support another angle over here. It's really a meeting of the minds!

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