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I know I'm cutting it close, but here's my entry: http://lunar-circuitry.net/wordpress/?p=109

I've enjoyed the posts I've read thus far. Some interesting takes on the subject. Some interesting takes on Buster too.


Joe -You're very welcome. I'm overwhelmed by the sheer volume we've produced over four days. You guys should be proud of adding this wealth of information about slapstick to the blogosphere.

AR -Never fear you made it under the wire, and I have to say that your substantial post is worth the wait. Thank you.


The final day of the blog-a-thon was the most popular by far, and even in the final minutes film bloggers weren't finished with our fun-filled topic. Excellent slapstick posts from AR, Bob, and Nathienl R

My thanks to everyone for taking part and making the blog-a-thon a success.

Noel Vera

Hi, Thom, have been almost totally out of touch for the past two weeks, so I just saw this thon.

By chance, I wrote something on Altman's Popeye and while it's not exactly on-topic, it does have its slapstick, and I do talk about them in the film (well I talk about the fight scenes, but they're kind of done as slapstick, if you're willing to stretch a definiton or three).

So here it is; I'm fine if you think it fits or not or if it's too late or not. Use it (or not) as you see fit.



Noel, welcome back to the blogoshere. I'm very happy to add your belated post to the blog-a-thon list, anything slapstick related is fair game. I seem to remember a pretty funny boxing match in that flick but it's hard to remember clearly (saw it at the cinema as a child). I should look at it again.

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