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Pierre Fournier

Yes, the Slapstick Blog-a-Thon was a definitely a hit, and you deserve all the credit, Thom. Bravo!

Sign me up now for next year. Believe it or not, I have at least half a dozen ideas for new Slapstick posts, even considering the very narrow focus of my blog. My only suggestion for the next one is that you might want to stretch this over a whole week, and maybe update the link list once a day, instead of doing all the work over a single weekend.

Thanks again, Thom! Thom? Hey, he’s asleep. Out cold and snoring like a buzzsaw. Rest up, Thom, you earned it.

Hehe. I got his wallet!


Thanks again everyone for contributing terrific posts about so many aspects of slapstick films and the people who make them.

Pierre - Thank you. You're signed up, my friend. I admire the way you were able to turn your predilection for all things Frankenstein into not one but three slapstick related posts. Good job.

And now I'd like to ...HEY! Where's my wallet?!


I'd certainly go for more Blog-a-Thons on silent films, or film themes generally where silents could get a look in. Whether it would need to be restricted to slapstick, I'm not so sure, though certainly there's so much more that could be done on that theme alone. Whatever the plan, I'll go along with it - it was a well-managed show.


Joe Thompson

Thom: I vote in favor of making it an annual event. In order not to exhaust you, I support Pierre's suggestions that it go for a week and that you update the links once a day. I think the time of year you picked this year is perfect: the weeks after Labor Day can be depressing because of the end of summer. This was a great restorative.

Count me in for next year -- I'm already starting to gather material.

One last big thank you to you for putting this together, and to all the contributors for making this a very enjoyable time.

This was my first blog-a-thon. I hope it won't be my last.

Joe Thompson ;0)

nathaniel r

i had fun writing mine but have been swamped so i haven't had time to actually read. so i'll be experiencing this slapstick blog-a-thon a week later than the rest of you. hopefully it'll be a gift that keeps on giving to other people linked in too.


Luke - Thanks for your support. I too have an abiding interest in the films and filmmakers of silent era. Perhaps we'll consider restricitng next year's blog-a-thon to silent slapstick to better narrown our focus and engage specific topics? Your own well-researched posts reveal plenty of European silent comedy artists and films to explore further. You whet my appetite for similar research into the artists, productions, exhbitions and audience reactions of slapstick films in other parts of the world too.

Joe - Good to read that you enjoyed the experience and will be back for more. A week's time would be better, I think. Less stress all around. Yesterday's traffic through the blog-a-thon was as high (or higher) as any of the days it ran. With so many writers and posts I can understand why—it takes time to read and absorb them all. I'm happy that you mentioned the time of year. Sal (of silentcomedians.com) suggested after Slapsticon but I shamefacedly admit that I still need to find out when that takes place.

Nathaniel - That's one of the best things about blogging: your subscription never runs out and you can read articles whenever you find the time. Glad you had fun with yours (I did too).


I wouldn't restrict slapstick just to the silents. I loved seeing stuff on the Coen brothers and I Love Lucy. It's the universality of the theme that appeals.


The flexibility and durability of slapstick techniques across time shine through the variety of posts, for sure.

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