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I'll probably write about the Stooges or, failing that, something on Max Linder.


I'm in - might explore the women in slapstick angle?


Ugh. I'd love to take part, and I'll try to do something, but late August/early September is really busy for me.


I hope you can make it, Mike. It won't be the same without ya!

Jacqueline T Lynch

I'll be there. Just looking for my selzer bottle, cream pies, a large mallet, and a suitable frock to wear.


Great news, Jacqueline. Hope I remember to duck when I see you coming. :D

Bob Turnbull

I'd like to participate as well. I love Keaton, but not sure I could possibly do him justice. Looney Tunes maybe? SpongeBob?

My wife and son love slapstick. Anything where someone falls down and they're both on the floor. Maybe I'll focus on their favourites...


Great idea, Bob. How about getting the whole family involved? Maybe a family interview session capturing what makes everybody laugh? Just an idea. Glad to have you aboard.


Looking for slapstick films? Try:

Slapstick at GreenCine

Slapstick at Netflix

Some slapstick collections on DVD:
Slapstick Encyclopedia
Slapstick Masters
Slapstick Symposium
The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection
American Slapstick
Arbuckle & Keaton: The Original Comique Paramount Shorts
The Best Arbuckle Keaton Collection
The Forgotten Films of Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle
Chaplin Mutuals
Chaplin's Essanay Comedies
The Essential Charlie Chaplin
The Best of Abbott and Costello
Laurel and Hardy: Way Out West / Block-Heads


I'll try to join up, doing something about Slapstick & Supporting Actresses/Actressing at the Edges.


I look forward to that one. Glad to have you in the scene, Lulu.


I just wanted to let you know I've posted on the forums section of my site:


that if any of my members want to participate in this Slapstick Blog-a-Thon they should let it be known, and I will enable my blogging capabilities to be linked back to you.

I am very happy to help you with this great idea, and I hope it brings an awareness to this art form that we value so much.

Site Admin


Sal - thank you for spreading the word on the active and informative SilentComedians forums. I hope some of the knowledgable members there can contribute to the blog-a-thon.


No problem at all.

We're of the same mind, and that is to make sure these great clowns of the past are NOT forgotten.

One of my members posted the link and when I read what you're trying to do, I just thought that's something we can rally around.

I think the silent comedy community will also, because if there's one thing we like better than silent comedy, it is spreading the word to newbies and giving them the opportunity to learn and experience exactly what happens when you see a silent comedy, especially with an audience, which is "pure laughter".

As we get closer to the date, email me just as a reminder and I'll put the info on the front page.

This can be an annual event.

How about the first week after Slapsticon?


I'm certainly with you in spirit, Thom, though not sure what I can contribute before heading out to Toronto. Let me work on it in advance.


Michael, good to have you with us my friend. Embrace any sort of post that slapstick films inspire you to do—we'll eat it up.


Count me in. I would love to contribute an article.


Welcome, J.D. I look forward to reading your slapstick piece (btw, I like the informative, well-written article on the various attempts at filming Dune over at your site—nice job).


Thanks for the kind words, Thom! Yeah, I love Lynch's films, even a flawed effort like Dune which has some incredible visuals. Altho, I would have loved to have seen Jodorowsky's version!


I'm a die-hard Lynch fan too. J.D. It's fun to imagine what kind of experimental slapstick film he'd direct :)

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