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Thom, thank you so much. I am just so moved by what you wrote about Invisible Cinema that I cannot say anything! :) It is a very beautiful and rare thing to be understood in such a way. I'm glad that you are out there, and that we can share our ideas about cinema & all of consciousness! :)

P.S. Tell Lucas that I began reading Film of the Year in 1902 with Melies!

You rock, T.!


Thom, thank you so much for your continuing encouragement. It means the world to me.

Lucas McNelly

1902? Dammit.


that style roundtable mention reminds me of the good old days


Jmac and Maya - You're welcome. Hard work and talent earned the awards, guys. Pass on the meme to other deserving bloggers.

Lucas - Ah yes, the great style guide posts of auld lang syne :P


I'm so supremely honored that you "thought" of me, Thom! Suffice to say your blog would be one of, if not the first to come to mind if I'd been tagged by anyone else. Now, to put my thinking energies to the purpose of passing the meme on to recipients half as deserving as the ones I'm humbled to find myself in the company of in this post. It shant be an easy task!


Thom, you are too kind.

If a brown-skinned man can turn noticeably red with blushing, then I am that man...!

Thank you--this is so moving...


Brian and Girish - You deserve it my friends. I found that the award provides an opportunity to stop and think about why we value the writing at some of our favorite blogs. I hope you guys have a similar experience when you extend it on to others.

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