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What a great choice of film for 1934. I haven't seen this yet but I really want to, especially after seeing Kaneto Shindo's 1960 film the Naked Island last night. It's a dialogue-free documentary-esque portrait of a family of farmers on a remote little rock off the coast of Japan, and when poking around for information on potential influences and similar films, Man of Aran came up often. I'd heard of it before of course, but now thanks to the Naked Island and this post, it's shot to a very high place on my to-see list.


Now I have a contender for film of the year:1960! If only I can find someplace showing Shindo's picture by the time I get to that far-off year. Or maybe Greencine will have it by then. One of my favorite things about film blogging is the exchanging films with each other. Thanks Brian.

Joe Thompson

Thom: I enjoyed your write-up. I like the way you compared it to Lumiere actualities, which were often carefully staged, and Griffith films. "Camera poem" is a better description than "documentary" for everything I have seen of Flaherty's work.

If you have seen the tv series "Father Ted", I understand the opening aerial shots were taken around Aran.

Joe Thompson ;0)


Hey thanks Joe. I'm glad you found the post to your liking especially since you've seen the film too.

I have not watched "Father Ted" but just looked it up at Netflix. Looks funny. I think I'll give it a try.

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