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Sounds fun! I've seen the ones you haven't seen yet, and haven't seen the ones you have. My vote for a write-up, if you're taking them, is for the Wildcat because it's coming to the Pacific Film Archive next month (though I'll probably still be in Utah and have to miss it.) But really I most would like you to write about the one you feel the most inspired by.


Fun is the perfect descriptor, Brian. In Seven Years Bad Luck suave Max Linder pulls off the mirror gag that always cracks me up when Harpo and Groucho do it a dozen years later in Duck Soup (and since I know you're a fan of Bugs Bunny I'll also mention that our favorite wascally wabbit does it in Hare Tonic too), Valentino somehow makes flared nostrils and kidnapping sexy in The Sheik, Nazimova looks like a proto-Bride of Frankenstein in the cool art nouveau-ish sets of Camille, and breaking the new prohibition law was already being winked at in The Affairs of Anatol. The Wildcat was the most fun of all. I hope you're able to view that screening of it; you won't be disappointed. Are you in Utah on business or pleasure?


Pleasure. I'll be visiting a college friend who lives in Salt Lake City. I've owed him a visit for a few years already, and decided to synchronize my trip with this year's Sundance Film Festival. I'm not expecting to "do" the festival whole hog, seeing several films per day, but I plan to report back on what I do catch.


Aaaah, something to look foiward to!!

Thom, Happy New Year!!


B. - Sundance and a vacation? You certainly know how to start the new year off right. I'm anxiously awaiting that post already. You know, I've managed to visit (or at least drive across) every state around Utah yet somehow I've never seen the Beehive State itself.

M. - Thank you. A safe and happy new year to you too!


It's a beautiful state, though perhaps more pleasant in the summer than the winter for a warm-blooded fellow like me.

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