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Hey T., very interesting. Your list seems true to your interest in the historical. (By the way, is this your profession?) And "Where the Red Fern Grows" is a very sad book!

I've read so many books, I'm not sure I could do this meme. Or maybe I'm just lazy!

Anyway, so here's my answer to question #11, that I just made-up . . .

11). One book that is a guilty pleasure?

Le Divorce by Diane Johnson. This novel is a bestseller, and there are reasons why! The story is about a young American woman who has moved to Paris to help her sister (a poet!) whose husband has left her, while she is expecting their second child. The book encompasses so many layers & threads of art, love, drama, and Paris! The two sisters are kind of the antithesis of each other, one tortured, passionate, and artistic, and the other rational, confident, mature, and resilient. It is a complex story, so subtle at times, and very funny. I love the movie too!


I like your addition to the meme, J (think about giving it a try. It's fun to look back at the hundreds of books you've read and try to pick one). I haven't read Le Divorce nor seen the flick though it sounds like a page-turner. I haven't had much time for ficiton lately (I recently left behind seven years as a systems administrator/database programmer to embrace my true love: history, which I'm now studying in pdx) because I'm usually busy reading or writing.

11) One book that is a guilty pleasure? How about two? Immoral Tales: European Sex & Horror Movies, 1956-1984 by Cathal Tohill and Pete Tombs keeps my Netflix queue from ever becoming too clean and Steve Gerber's Howard the Duck quacks me up (I just had to write that, really, I had to).


If you know programming, you should be making videos, T.! But it sounds like you are doing what you love, so that's awesome too.

I will add Immoral Tales to my Netflix queue immediately!


Wait J. Immoral Tales is a book, silly.


Wishful thinking, I guess. :)

A. Horbal

Hooray for the book meme!

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