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Just found some more Cabiria-related info: Pastrone apparently envisioned three versions of the 1914 film, each intended for a specific market (Italy, Europe and the United States). He also produced a fourth version that interpolated additional footage and embraced sound(!) in 1931. More information about these variations of Cabiria and the film's reconstruction, restoration and peservation can be found at Prestech Film Laboratories Limited's web site.

Andre posted some info on the film's reconstruction back in March at The Alternative Film Guide.


And I received an e-mail about Mt. Etna, the volcano that explodes at the beginning of the film, erupting again. See an image here.


Welcome back, T.! This is a great review, and I love the film still with the leopard!


Thanks J. I'm glad that you like the post. Have you seen this? You might like the sequence inside the temple of Moloch - there's a mysterious shot with a hand doing a Roman-like salute surrounded by flames that reminded me of the avant-garde blogathon.

btw, the leopard drinks milk from that bowl a bit lethargically in the flick so our spotted friend is probably not a ferocious as he looks. Italia Almirante-Manzini (who plays Sophonisba) on the other hand . . .


No, I haven't seen this, Thom. That's why I read your site! :) Seriously, I love how you do all of the historical research for us!
The leopard is so cute. :)

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