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One great thing about these blog-a-thons is that they introduce me to new must-read blogs. I've had this film on my Netflix queue for some time, but now I'm bumping it to the top. Great job on this! You mentioned that you're adding Dracula's Daughter to your queue; there's a great joke in it about supernatural vs. non-supernatural vampires that I won't spoil here.


Thanks for dropping by goatdog. I'll look for the vampire in-joke when I screen Dracula's Daughter (on your blog's recommendation). The Vampire Blog-a-Thon has my queue overflowing again, and my blog bookmarks are growing too. Glad you liked the post.


Fascinating! I wasn't aware of this film at all (though I did know about Bara and the vamp archetype) and now I'm going to have to track it down. Excellent job!


Thanks Cath. Bara would be much better served if some of her better performances (Cleopatra, Carmen, etc) were available, but we'll just have to imagine a developing talent when watching this flick. Thanks for the praise about the article (btw, I just read your angsty post about the performances in Bram Stoker's Dracula and it's good too).


Your stills from the film are fantastic.

There is a YouTube online copy of the film:



Thanks for the kind words and link, Scottlord. I just discovered your Swedish Silent Film page and plan to spend some time catching up with your well-researched writing.

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