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Thom, thanks for the tip of the hat! We're obviously on the same wavelength this morning as I am working up my second Canemaker writeup regarding his presentation on Winsor McCay, whose "Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend" first came to my consciousness through your write-up for the Avant-Garde blogathon. I feel like we're leapfrogging over each other this morning and it's a fun feeling. Thank you for your insightful writing, which serves to inspire my own.


Michael, I'm 3/4 through Canemaker's book on McCay (it's sooo well written and researched) so I'm anxious to read your latest. Your interview with John was the perfect thing to jumpstart this entry. You know, the best thing about the blogosphere is the constant exchange of ideas and inspiration. Thanks for providing both.


wat is that called


Uh, what is what called, Dominique? If you mean Canemaker's book about McCay then the book is titled:

Winsor McCay: His Life and Art by John Canemaker

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